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What negotiations mean for producers 2012 Farm Bill

Special to the Daily News NATIONAL SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE COALITION, (July, 2011) – High level talks and lots of political noise, continue in order to reach an agreement on a macro budget deal.  The macro budget deal would include major actions for deficit reduction while also lifting the debt ceiling before the government would otherwise go […]

Germinating seeds or emerging seedlings are sensitive to waterlogging

By Jennifer Johnson • Daily News  One of the most common problems plaguing area farmers during the year is flooding. Excessive moisture can deplete oxygen necessary for plant growth and development, and it also potentially alters a plant’s nutrient status, said Richland County Extension Agent Jason Goltz. “The response of flooding to crops varies with […]

A wet, cool spring

By Carrie McDermott • Daily News The wet, cool spring delayed the growing season across Minnesota. The biggest challenge farmers had to deal with was the amount of water in the fields, which caused hardships for the planting season, said Doug Holen, Wilkin County Extension agent. The fields had to dry out enough to get […]

Tiling benefits Red River farmers through field drainage

By Carrie McDermott • Daily News Farmers using tile drainage in their fields are seeing tremendous benefits, including improved crop health and ability to get into the fields quicker. The artificial drainage systems are seen throughout the landscape of the Red River Basin and assist in ensuring successful agricultural crop production. Tile drainage involves installing […]

Tiling proves beneficial to the soil

By Jennifer Johnson • Daily News Freshman Sen. Larry Luick, R-Fairmount, has spent this last year encouraging an idea he calls “an economic engine for all communities.” Field tiling pulls excess water around the root zones of a plant similar to the way a house plant loses water. Luick said the end result is an […]